Mobile County Sheriff's Deputies teamed up with US Marshals last night to roundup several people with warrants and we got to go along for the ride.

"Looking for felony warrants and misdemeanors," said Deputy Admire Gant.

The group we went with arrested one person. Another person, who wasn't home when deputies came calling, got the message real quick and ended up doing the right thing. He turned himself in. The group we tagged along with searched for 7 different people with felony warrants. We went to addresses around southern Mobile County but deputies were only able to find one of the 7 people. Tracy Lindsey was arrested on a charge of Burglary 2nd degree.

"He held himself up in a trailer in a trailer park we introduced ourselves at the front door and gave him several commands to come out. His wife came to the front door and advised us that he was inside of the residence," said Deputy Glenn Gazzier.

Deputies worked for about 30 minutes to get him out of his house where he'd barricaded himself before surrendering.

Another team that we met back at the meeting spot arrested a woman in possession of two guns.They were actually looking for her son, Peter Quinnie, who wasn't home.

"We went to the subjects residence that had the active warrants, he wasn't there but his mother was there. She gave us consent to search the property," said Deputy Gant.

After searching the property deputies found these weapons. Annette Quinnie was arrested because she's a felon. Deputies say although the guns may not have been hers, she can't have guns where she lives. She was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property 4th degree and pistol-certain persons forbidden.

There were 15 other people arrested during the round-up. There were 18 people arrested in total. 2 of which we spoke about earlier and 1 who was a minor.Arrests were made for 40 out of the 84 warrants. There were 16 additional charges added during the round-up.

The Sheriff's office will be releasing the names of the people with warrants who weren't arrested.

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