BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) - As the Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) monitors a tropical system that could make its way into the Gulf of Mexico, farmers are looking forward to the rain from that tropical threat.

The tropical system, near the Bahamas, has not formed, but several models show it entering the Gulf possibly by Sunday or Monday with more than a 50 percent chance of forming into a tropical storm or depression. 

“If the weather cooperates, it makes it a lot easier," Greg Burris, a longtime Baldwin County farmer said. "But you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you.”

As harvest approaches for several crops, the conditions around the county have been very dusty and dry. 

"Cotton, peanuts, soy bean and the corn are what's right on the edge of being harvested now," Burris said. 

Burris, who recently reopened Burris Farm Market in Loxley, says without rain, he may fall behind schedule planting his strawberry seeds.

"We need the moisture to form the beds," Burris said. "We’re hoping this weekend will get us the right amount of water, Mother Nature spreads the water more evenly than these sprinklers.”

As farmers cheer on a good rain storm, the Baldwin County EMA is monitoring the tropical system for any dangers it may bring to the Gulf Coast. 

"We are monitoring that very closely," Jenni Guerry, at the EMA said. "The system is expected to bring some rain to our area so rain is going to be much appreciated hopefully it will cool things down a little bit.”

Guerry says this month is National Preparedness Month and it's a great time to put together a disaster kit. The Baldwin County EMA recently published a Disaster Preparedness Guide, which can be found by clicking here. 

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