MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Disturbing details coming out in court Tuesday in the murder of a three month old baby in Mobile.

Corey Parsons is accused of capital murder in the death of his daughter, Nyla Rose Simons.

Prosecutors say Parsons admitted violently shaking his daughter.

But Parsons' parents were also in court and talked to FOX10 News after the hearing.

Corey Parsons, Nyla Rose Sims

Police say they arrested Corey Parsons after they were called to a home on Doyle Avenue Saturday night where they found a three-month-old girl suffering from a traumatic injury.

They say the child was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Only now is information coming out about the circumstances of her death.

Parsons, a former substitute teacher in Mobile County, walked into court very slowly and frequently looked back at family members.

Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood said the cause of death of the baby was abusive head trauma, and that she had catastrophic fracture to her skull and brain injury as a result of the abuse that was inflicted on her.

And Blackwood talked about what he says Parsons told police.

Blackwood said, "After about an hour and a half of questioning, he did admit to violently shaking Nyla and striking her with his knee on the back of the head."

As to why, Blackwood said Parsons said the baby was crying and that he was tired.

Parsons parents, family members, and friends were also in court, and afterward spoke to reporters.

His mother said Parsons is special needs and slightly autistic, but he would not hurt his child.

Myra Freeman Jackson said, "If something happened, he did something by mistake, okay, accidents happen, but not...he wouldn't do anything to hurt the baby. I'm telling you."

Parsons mother also says her son was not home alone with the baby.

Assistant D.A. Blackwood said they expect the evidence to show that Parsons was the only adult with the baby at the home.

He said another adult was present, but elsewhere in the house, not in contact with the baby.

Circuit Court Judge Brandy Hambright ordered Parsons held without bond.

His preliminary hearing is set for June 11th.

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