GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) - The first day of spring break for Mobile and Baldwin County is sending some of the year's largest crowds to the Baldwin beaches this week, and businesses are feeling the population increase - in a good way. 

"I've lived here for 48 years and it's like night and day," Carolyn Hall, owner of David's Gallery said. "The population goes up by probably 500 percent so it's a big difference."

Several businesses told FOX10 News they see dozens more customers each day during the Spring Break season.

"This upcoming week is the biggest for Spring Break because Mobile, Baldwin County, LSU, Easter, it's a lot for one weekend," Hall said. And we'll probably do more in that one weekend money wise than we might do in six months."

FOX10 News spoke to several Gulf Shores bar owners Monday - many of them say the Spring Break season has been worse financially than in years past because of the city's law banning alcohol on the beach. 

But the vast majority of businesses, from souvenir shops, to restaurants and retailers see a big spike in business during March and April. 

"It's when we have a lot more customers coming in, they like to leave really good tips," an employee at Matt's Ice Cream said. "They come from everywhere so we're pretty busy."

David's Gallery, which offers tattoos, piercings and everything from CBD oil to decor is hoping the 

It's taking advantage of all the tourists and vacationers in town with a 4:20 parking lot party on April 20 starting at 11 a.m. They will have live music, games and giveaways. 

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