DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA)-- Even on a Sunday afternoon traffic on Main Street in Daphne is bustling.

"It's kinda scary sometimes," said Nathaniel Haddock who lives in Fairhope, but decided to take his family for a stroll in Daphne.

It's easy to see how popular this area is for cyclists and pedestrians who, at times, take a risk going down the busy street.

"It's dangerous if you're walking on the side of the road, especially having to cross the street."

Patrick Fath says he and his wife do their best to be careful by watching for speeding cars and feels most drivers are aware of pedestrians.

"Many times traffic will stop and let us cross the street," said Fath.

Haddock says not everyone pays attention though. 

"On the way down there a gentleman actually stopped his car with cars behind him... let us cross. On the way back we had to dodge cars."

Some people say things are much worse during the week when there's more traffic making it especially dangerous for kids trying to get home from one of the several schools that sit right off of the busy street.

Right now the speed limit on Main Street, with the exception of school zones, is 35 MPH which some don't think is slow enough.

"At 35 traffic will always go faster than that. Seems like you'll see traffic going down to 55 miles an hour sometimes and on a small two lane road like this with a lot of people walking around I think that's dangerous."

One woman says another part of the problem is people coming off of the highway trying to avoid backups by taking Main Street and bringing more traffic to the two lane road.

The local business owner and member of the Downtown Redevelopment Authority believes lowering the speed limit may keep some drivers from doing that.

Daphne city council will vote to lower the speed limit to 25 miles per hour on Monday Dec. 2nd.

The public meeting starts at 6:30.


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