Jordan Williams

A Fairhope man is in the Baldwin County Jail on $495,000 bond, charged with multiple counts of possession of obscene materials and production of pornography with minors. Investigators said there are at least three victims, but there could be more.

Police said the first victim to come forward started the investigation which led to a domestic violence – strangulation charge. Once investigators started digging, they said obscene images and sex videos with minors were discovered on the suspect’s phone.

Police arrested 19-year-old Jordan Laneil Williams at his home Sunday morning. Three victims between the ages of 14 and 16 have been identified so far. In at least one of the cases, investigators said Williams traded marijuana for nude pictures of the victim. The rest of the cases involved videos. Police are trying to determine if any of the images have been shared with others.

“It is a concern, but we have nothing that indicates that at this point. It is still an ongoing investigation,” said Lt. Shane Nolte with Fairhope Police. “The investigator is still digging more just to see if there is a possibility of more charges to come, whether it be more victims or just more charges for these victims.”

Where the images end up is a big concern for prosecutors. The Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office special prosecutor for sex crimes, Kristi Hagood said in today’s age of cloud-based technology, pictures like these can haunt victims for years.

“Research is showing that the long-term effects on young adults who have been the victims of child pornography…the rates of anxiety and depression that they suffer because they live in fear of people finding their images, seeing their images…it’s very high. The repercussions are very serious,” Hagood explained.

Williams faces 19 total charges, ranging from possession to distribution and production of pornography with minors. Police said it all happened over the last six months and occurred mostly inside his home. Investigators said Williams volunteered the names of two of the alleged victims, but they still have a lot to look into.

“We’ve got several more victims that we want to interview,” Nolte said. “We’ve got some witnesses that we want to interview so there’s still a lot to do in this. It’s still, you know, I’m not going to say it’s in the early stages, but it is…it’s still developing.”

Prosecutors said they’re still trying to identify other possible victims whose pictures were also found on Williams’s cell phone. Investigators are hoping that any other victims will take this opportunity to come forward by contacting Fairhope Police.

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