More information has been released regarding a tragic boating accident that happened last week in Daphne.

Boating Accident at Lake Forest Yacht Club send two people to the hospital

The two individuals involved have been identified as Richard Dove and Timothy Barnas. 

Richard Dove

One of the victims Richard Dove, who was the driver, passed away Tuesday.

FOX 10 News spoke with Dove's sister Alexis Hadley who says the family is just devastated.

Dove was flown to Sacred Heart in Pensacola, but he was unable to recover from his severe injuries.

"He just didn't get better. The swelling was too much, the damage was too much," Hadley said. "We all got to be with him until the very end. My father and I had just left. And my mom and my sister were still there holding his hand whenever he passed away." 

Family of Richard Dove

It's still described as a very somber day to witnesses describing the scene as something they’ve never seen before.

Hadley says Richard and his passenger may not have been familiar the water where the crash happened.

"Tim did tell us that they saw a danger sign but it was quite a ways away and so he had turned to tell Richard, hey you see that sign up there," Hadley explained. "He said Richard had just started to adjust the speed and to kind of veer away where that area was when they hit something."

There is still no report available at this time from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to find out exactly what it was that they could have hit under the water.

According to a manager that formally worked at the yacht club, Maishe Hall, those waters can be dangerous.

"The sign that they had passed by it says danger and from what I've been told by a few people is that it could be some old railroad tracks which I'm unfamiliar with," Hall said. 

Dove's sister says the family plans to hold Richard's memorial service next Friday. 

There was no update provided regarding the condition of the other passenger. 


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