Blue Angels

You know the holidays are getting close when the Blue Angels hold their homecoming show.

And that happens this weekend.

The aerobatic air team is putting on its final two shows of the year at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Captain Eric Doyle is flight leader and commanding officer.

How do the pilots know when to begin their intricate maneuvers?

Doyle said, "I call a cadence, if you will, on the radio and everyone matches that with me."

He said its very similar to watching a marching band.

Doyle said, "If you think of a bouncing ball and how people would sing a song, that’s essentially what we do, so, we know when the ball is going to hit the next note and then we move together on that note."

Doyle said it takes trust among the pilots, a lot of practice, and deep concentration.

But what does it feel like up there?

Doyle said, "It almost feels out of body, sometimes, when you watch the video from the ground.  Afterwards, it doesn’t look like the way it feels in there."

But in the midst of the intense focus, Doyle said there are special moments, like one he had last year the group's circular "Fleur De Lis" maneuver.

Doyle said, "I could see the smoke of our Fleur De Lis over the water as we're going over the top of the maneuver and (Blue Angel) 2, 3, and 4 were joining up inverted upside down on the loop and, it was just maybe a second that I took it in.  And it was those seconds that you get that last a lifetime."

The doors open at NAS Pensacola at 8 am Friday and Saturday with air shows beginning at 9:30 am.

The Blues are scheduled to take to the skies about 2 pm

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