A convicted terrorist from America walking out of a federal prison in Indiana on Thursday, being released three years early likely for good behavior.

John Walker Lindh served 17 years of a 20-year sentence for fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan. Fighters stormed the compound where Lindh was being held and killed Johnny Spann, an undercover CIA Officer, from Alabama.

Now two Washington lawmakers from Alabama are hoping to change the law, to prevent inmates like Lindh, who is convicted of crimes related to terrorism, from being released early for good behavior.

The ‘No Leniency for Terrorists Act’ was introduced this week. It is two pages and 23 lines long.

Congressman Bradley Byrne said the bill is necessary to keep terrorists "behind bars where they belong."

The Alabama family of Spann are calling for an investigation into comments Lindh allegedly made in support of ISIS during his time behind bars.

“Is this guy still the same al Qaeda member we put in jail? If he is still the al Qaeda member we put in jail then we need to throw the plea agreement away and do something else,” said Johnny Spann, the father of the CIA officer killed in the Taliban uprising.

"If he was trying to reconnect with extremists while in prison, i mean, what can we expect from him when he is in the real world?” said Alison Spann, daughter of the CIA officer killed in the Taliban uprising.

Congressman Byrne is pushing for a change to the law, introducing the ‘No Leniency for Terrorists Act’, that would make sure good behavior is a not a reason a convicted terrorist can get out of prison early.

Congressman Byrne released this statement reading in part, "The Spann Family asked me to address this injustice ... The ‘No Leniency for Terrorists Act’ will prevent terrorists from taking advantage of our laws to avoid paying their debt to society."

Also backing the bill in Alabama, Senator Richard Shelby wrote in a statement, "This legislation will help us prioritize the safety and security of our nation..."

The bill was just introduced, so it will take time to move through committee.

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