People in northern Mobile County say they're seeing black bears more and more often.

Photos and videos are being shared in social media groups to prove it. 

Becky Golson has lived in Saraland for the past 11 years. She says a particular black bear has become a frequent visitor to her home in the last month.

"He just comes and sits. Sometimes he's here for a few minutes, one day he sat out here for hours," she said.

Golson says a bird feeding hobby with her husband recently turned into these unexpected visits. She calls him Bec's Bear and she's even saved him as the wallpaper on her phone!

"People always want to see my bear, so I just saved it," Golson said in laughter.

Golson says the occasional pop-ups can be a pleasant surprise, but they're also getting a little too close for comfort. You can see that from the claw marks on her porch screen.

"He comes at least every other day but now that he's coming close the porch and I don't have any food out whatsoever, it's a little startling. Is he going to open up my back door next and come in?" she said.

Game Warden Thomas Harms says it's no surprise black bears are roaming around the city.

"Part of the issue with that area is it's growing so rapidly. The bears are there but you have these subdivisions that are connected to these large parts of land and these bears are passing through an area in which they use to live in," Harms said. "And in that they're feeding on what they find. It's not like they're looking for the bird feeder or the dog food. It's just they're passing through and there happens to be a bird feeder on the way and they get themselves in trouble doing so."

Harms says the best advice is to eliminate all food sources, and stay educated.

Bbears aren't usually aggressive. They're 90% vegetarian. They aren't looking to eat your children, your cat but the main thing is to figure out what they're coming to and get rid of it," Harms said.

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