Blount community mourns after the loss of a former Leopard


Ja'Christopher McCants, who everyone called Chris, was a shining light around the Leopard hallways.

He graduated in 2017 but he would come back often to check on his alma mater. He was a track star and a dedicated football player who they say always had a positive energy about him.

The bedroom Chris left behind is filled with jerseys and pictures that dot the walls.

His aunt, Lynetrice, raised him since he was in the fifth grade after his mom passed away.

"He's a ball of energy. He made everyone laugh. He was silly, fun outgoing,” said Lynetrice McCants, Chris’s Aunt.

Chris was one they say is hard to forget.

"He was one of the ones that was always there,” said Christopher Edwards, McCants' former track coach.

"He was a good person. He had love for everybody,” said Sidney Collins, McCants' former teammate.

"Just a humble, resilient kid who didn’t make bad relationships,” said Lev Holly, McCants' former football coach.

"He was just that kid that always brought the energy. It didn’t matter if we were down by 25 or up by 25 he always brought the energy,” said Kobe McCovery, McCants' former teammate.

Even though he was only 19, he made an impact on a lot of people.

"He affected a lot of people even just everybody, it's a lot,” said McCants.

His memories will never fade.

"I'll never forget that instant he walked across the stage and he shook my hand and he said I made it across and he said I love you coach,” said Coach Holly.

This tragedy has been a tough pill to swallow, but now the Blount Leopards have even more of a reason to play.

"I know we will play for him because I know that’s what he’ll want. I think he paid his dues here at Blount and I think that’s one thing we can do is go out and play. We will dedicate the season to him,” said Coach Holly.

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