A complete turnaround on Friday nights has given the Chickasaw community a little more pep in their step.

"The pride I just, there's a lot of reasons. So many that I can't explain,” said Amber Goodwin, Chickasaw’s drum major.

The football team’s success is contagious.

"Now that the football team is getting better, the band is getting better, we are getting noticed more,” said Sallyila Williams, the flag team captain.

You can’t help but to notice the Pride of Chickasaw Marching Band.

Their heads held a little higher and their sound a little louder.

Yes, it helps that their team is winning but it also helps that have this man leading them.

Mr. Aaron brown, a former member of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band and a director with passion that echoes throughout his classroom.

"Issues that I deal with and the situations that I go through the students that are at this school have gone through or are going through it now. God has placed me where I need to be so I can be a good example for each one of these students,” said Aaron Brown, Chickasaw’s band director.

Going into his senior year of college Aaron lost his arm after a car accident but that didn’t stop him.

"So much has happened in everyone’s life. You can’t let what the world throws at you stop you from doing what God has set for you and you can’t let the world fool you into thinking that you can’t accomplish great things,” said Brown.

An everyday example that has even motivated Chickasaw 7th grader, Jeremiah Rembert to get out there and defy the odds.

"Mr. Brown is just like me. Some people say it’s hard to do stuff but it's not,” said Jeremiah Rembert, a 7th grader at Chickasaw.

With every beat of the drum, Jeremiah inspires everyone around him.

"We can do anything we want if we put our mind to it,” said Rembert.

So next time you hear the Pride of Chickasaw Marching Band remember this.

"Struggle is struggle and how to make iron strong is to go through the fire so when we go through these situations, we get better each step,” said Brown.

"You weren’t born to fit in. you were born to stand out,” said Rembert.

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