Cameras scan license plates at University of South Alabama

USA installed license plate reader cameras in Jan.

The University of South Alabama is focusing on safety. You may have noticed cameras at the school's entrances. Those cameras are license plate readers.

According to campus police, the plate readers have already proven to be effective. Chief Zeke Aull said the cameras were installed in January. He said people who were banned from the school were stopped from coming on campus.

The cameras scan every license plate entering the campus. Chief Aull said, "You know we do other things, everything from safety talks to our app Live Safe, this is just another tool to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe."

Chief Aull said the school's dispatch center will receive an alert when the system flags a license plate. "Dispatch will then identify the location and direct the officer."

For now only one out of the six cameras has a 360-degree angle. Chief Aull said the school will install more 360 cameras angles in the near future.

But that is not all these cameras can do. Starting in the Fall, they will help identify people who are wrongfully parked. Chief Aull added, "We will be able to have students in vehicles design for this, with cameras on them, where they can drive through the lot to identify folks who are parking illegally."

Students said it's a great tool to have on campus. One student said, "I know it's hard for me as a commuter when other people who are residentials aren't parking in the right spots."

Another student added, "I think it's absolutely necessary because I know for me, I come from a really small town and moved into Mobile it's been kind of scary just having a lot of higher crime rate as it is."

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