MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - A local adult novelty store taking a different approach when it comes to loss prevention. The "Gift Spot" giving thieves a second chance and the opportunity to right their wrong.

Like most small businesses, the Gift Spot is aggressively staying on top of shoplifters.

"We're always watching you here," said Christina Snider, Gift Spot Store Manager.

Since the first of the year, Snider says the adult novelty and lingerie store has more than tripled the amount of surveillance cameras -- both up and downstairs.

"Just because we're sick and tired of literally chasing people out the door... Were finding empty boxes and not being able to see faces clearly," said Snider.

Not anymore. The high-quality cameras -- giving crystal clear images and videos of the thieves, which the Gift Spot then posts on social media letting their followers help identify them.

"Even though we don't have to be nice... We do believe everyone deserves a second chance," said Snider.

Their latest post went viral -- a couple "Caught In The Act."

"You can see her in the video... They came down the stairs together -- she leans back, hands him the box. He falls down the stairs while he's trying to put it in his pants... And then stands up and that's when our employee starts to walk towards the stairs and the female blocks her and tries to distract her by asking her about other products," explains Snider.

It took just hours to identify them.

"People were tagging them -- posting on their page. They were definitely caught," said Snider. "Come to find out -- they're actually brother and sister... It was very interesting... And I think that is part of the reason this one went so viral -- is because people found that so humorous."

By posting on social media. The store gives the suspects the opportunity to come back and pay or face criminal charges.

"Most of the time... They will come back in and pay for the item and apologize."

That was the case this time, but the joke was on the thief.

"He claimed that once he got home -- the product didn't work. Well, the reason the product didn't work and the reason it didn't work was because he stole a rechargeable toy... So it died. He said it only worked for a few minutes. He didn't steal the charger so basically he stole a toy for no point," said Snider.

While they may avoid getting arrested -- the store doesn't forget -- not only banning them, but posting their picture to their "Wall of Shame" as a reminder. It also serves as a warning for others who think they can pull a fast one.

"You're gonna get caught. You're not going to get away with it," said Snider.

Another plus -- the viral post actually gaining the Gift Spot more followers, which they say only helps them with community outreach and sex education.

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