MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- From petty crime, to home break-ins, and just this week porch pirates on the prowl -- more and more homeowners and businesses are arming themselves with surveillance.

Nicholas karakatsoulis/best buy geek squad manager:

"Cameras are definitely one of the hot items," said Nicholas Karakatsoulis, Best Buy Geek Squad Manager at McGowin Park.

When it comes to home security, Karaktsoulis shows us what's flying off the shelves.

"There's battery versions, there's wireless versions, so that you can actually keep charged all the time without having to replace the battery," said Karaktsoulis. "People are obviously coming in for a lot of the wirless camera set ups because it makes in pretty easy... As long as you have a decent router in the house it's going to make a difference."

In terms of popularity, customers are requesting the door bell cameras, despite their size they've caught a lot of people in the act.

There's a lot of options too for anyone's budget. Price points that won't break your bank. But the cool part is most of them can be controlled using your cell phone.

"So if you're on vacation you can just tap into there see what's going on... At the house any time," explained Karaktsoulis.

Most of the cameras have a motion sensor -- and alert you of activity at your front door. Some even going a step further allowing you to communicate through your phone and in some cases even unlock your door.

"So if you got say a package coming to the house -- you can actually see on camera that they are there and unlock the door so that person can come in and drop the package inside the house instead of leaving it outside," said Karaktsoulis.

Most devices are easy to self-install -- however, the Geek Squad is available if you're not up for it.

Meanwhile, if you're ordering something from Best Buy -- they have an in-store delivery -- so you can pick it up there rather than home delivery -- where someone might not be there to accept it in person.

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