CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Lawn equipment stolen from handicapped man


The video is nothing new -- we've seen burglaries on camera before. But here's where it turns to outrage. The victim in this case is handicapped and lives on a fixed income.

A stroke may have slowed him down, but it's not stopping Curtis Bryant from making an honest living.

"I get out and do what I can... I don't care if I got to crawl on my knees. I can't push no lawn mower but I get out there and drive one and get other people to edge and blow... And it all comes together," said Bryant.

Most mornings you'll find him mowing lawns. Last Tuesday he and his helper were taking care of a yard on Barretts Lane and were unaware they were being watched.

"My helper was wondering why this truck kept riding by. But I never seen it because I wasn't paying no attention -- I was focused on the yard," said Bryant.

A blue Dodge truck with a silver stripe on the bottom made several passes as the two men worked. Eventually, two men got out of the truck. Wasting no time -- they took a lawn blower and a couple of gas tanks from the back of Bryant's truck, then take off.

"I couldn't believe it... I couldn't believe it," said Bryant. "If you have to steal to make a living then you need help. Go get you a job and do like everybody else and make a living. You don't have to steal from people, especially handicapped people."

While the homeowner had surveillance cameras, Bryant is still out a blower, which he says he just purchased for more than $300.

"Like I couldn't do a couple of jobs yesterday because I couldn't blow them. But with God's help, I'll end up getting another one. They'll get what they have coming to them," said Bryant.

If you recognize the truck or know who the men in the video are -- turn them into Mobile Police.

Meanwhile, keep those videos coming. If you have footage of someone "Caught In The Act" -- we want to see it. Email it to us at fox10reportit@fox10tvdotcom. We may show it in our newscast.

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