Mobile police need your help identifying a man caught in the act of stealing a car rear-view mirror. As unusual as the crime is, the car owner is hoping what was caught on camera helps catch the man responsible.

"We have security cameras at our house and they're always going 24/7," Zac Massey said.

Man caught on camera breaking and stealing a rear view mirror off car

Just shortly after 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning Massey says this is what was going on outside of his home on Knollwood Court.

"I checked and looked back and sure enough saw the guy straight up pushing my rear view mirror off and broke it off,' Massey said.

Massey said he's never seen anything like it. And even though the criminal was caught on camera he and his wife are still in shock.

"I scrolled back to rewind fast and slowly went through it and saw the guy go down the driveway and I'm like 'what the heck?'" Massey said.

Massey said while the thief ran off, he believes his Hyndai Elantra may have been targeted.

"It kind of looked like he did targeted us. Maybe his was gone and he needed another one," Massey said. "But it was just weird that he came after just one. He did look like he knew exactly what he wanted because he looked at the back of it, I guess to see if it was the same color, and he just broke it off and ran with it and drove off like, 'this is exactly what I need'."

Massey and his wife say his identity is hard to make out because of the time of morning. But they say he has features that may be recognizable to someone that knows who he is. and can turn him in to police.

"It was a white male that had a beard and tattoos on his left arm. You can kind of see one on his right arm, but not too sure about that," Massey said.

If you have video of someone "Caught in the Act," email it to us at FOX10reportit@fox10tv.comand we may show it in our newscast.

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