It's not uncommon to shop online and have your purchases delivered to your home while you're at work. But what you don't expect is to have them stolen.

Fed Ex dropped the packages off to a home in West Mobile around 3:27 p.m. last Thursday. Less than three minutes later, two girls show up and took them.

"Soon as I came through the door... My wife said someone took your packages. She said it so quick ... I thought she was joking. So I was like what did you say," recalled Arthur Madise.

It was no joke. Madise's doorbell camera catching it all. While they look young, the two girls in the video are clearly old enough to know it's wrong. The one on the right of the screen wore bunny slippers and covered her face the entire time with her t-shirt. The girl on the left made no attempt to hide her's.

"When I saw the video, I was upset. I was upset -- they felt comfortable enough to come on my front steps and steal packages from us. And I couldn't believe what I saw," said Madise.

He also couldn't believe what he heard as they approached his home.

"They thought it was funny. We could hear them laughing in the video... And whoever was driving of course felt comfortable for them to do it also," said Madise.

Well maybe not totally comfortable. If you watch, the car starts to drive off as they start to run away from the home -- the back passenger door still open.

But the joke is on them -- the stolen items were nothing of real value -- school clothes for Madise's daughter.

If you recognize the girls in the video call Mobile Police

Meanwhile, if you have video of someone "Caught In The Act" -- email it to us at

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