Whether they know it or not -- customers at the Government Street Raceway are being watched from every angle.

"The customer came in and got some honeybuns and croissants... That's when one of our cashiers, she actually saw him getting two honeybuns and she told him he needed to leave... And he put those two honeybuns back and he left," said Mike Sehar, owner Raceway.

They had no idea that was actually his second pass. Sehar says a closer look at surveillance and it was clear he had a hankering for more than just honeybuns.

"He's clearing the entire shelf of beef jerkies and has already put some in his shirt and some in his hand... And he stuffs everything in his shirt," said Sehar.

All of this in the presence of a Mobile Police officer making a purchase... next it's on to vienna sausage.

"He looks for cashier -- she's busy with customers and he puts it in his shirt. It's just unreal how many times it happens in a day -- God knows," said Sehar.

Needing something to wash it down -- he helps himself to a couple of sodas -- also stuffing them down his shirt before walking out without paying.

Once outside, rather than drive off -- he made his getaway on a Metro Bus. Store employees called Mobile Police, who tracked him down a short time later.

Arrested was 78-year-old Jerry Barnett. MPD say they found nearly $100 worth of stolen products in his backpack. He's now charged with theft of property 4th degree -- adding to his long list of previous arrests.

"You know I felt bad for him but at the same time -- if you are hungry or you need something you can always go and ask for help or assistance and someone will help you. But that does not give you the right to go and steal," said Sehar. "If folks think they can get away with it... It's not true. If we catch you we will prosecute you. There's cameras here for a reason."

Meanwhile, if you have video of people "Caught In The Act" -- Email it to us at fox10reportit@fox10tv.com. We may show it in our newscast.

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