MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- A convenience store hit by shop-lifters again, for the second week in a row. Now, the owner has a warning for others thinking about taking a "five finger discount" in his store.

In a store where dozens of cameras are always rolling -- the risk of getting caught stealing is high.

While some shoplifters get away -- others don't. That was the case Monday at the Government Boulevard Raceway.

The woman seen in the store's surveillance video steals a brownie off the front counter right in front of the cashier.

"She then proceeds to buy a brownie after putting the other in her bag," said Mike Sehar, owner. "We thought she was doing something shady."

After looking at the cameras their suspicions were confirmed. The woman's work shirt -- making it easy for Mobile Police to track the her down at her place of business. Arrested was 33-year-old Lacey Lawshe -- charged with theft of property 4th degree.

Sehar was there to confront her, "She said she is a regular customer... I was like -- how many times have you done this before. And what have you got."

Another check of the cameras, shows she also pocketed two monster drinks. She also takes a cookie, eventually dropping it on the ground and putting it in her bag.

While it's less than 10 dollars, Sehar has had enough.

"If you are going to come in here and you are going to steal -- and we catch you -- we will prosecute you -- doesn't matter the dollar amount," said Sehar.

If you have video of someone "Caught In The Act" - we want to see it. Email it to us at We just might show it in our newscast.

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