An early morning armed intruder caught on camera. It happened in the Southridge subdivision near Lloyds Lane and Hillcrest.

The homeowner has had surveillance cameras for a while, but it's the first time it's caught someone snooping around.

"Oh it terrified me," said the homeowner.

It was 4:01 a.m. Saturday, August 31st when the homeowner got an activity alert from her ring bell camera on her cell phone.

"My boyfriend checked on it... Saw a spider web and clicked out. We thought it was a false alarm," said homeowner.

It wasn't until hours later -- they not only saw the perpetrator going from the front but walking around to the back of the home -- and that he was armed with a gun.

"Once we reviewed the video... And realized he had a gun and was continually keeping his hand on the gun -- it let us know that he was ready to pull a pistol if we had stepped out the door," said homeowner. "And my boyfriend actually walked out the door at 4:16 and we realized if he had walked out the door 10 minutes earlier --- he would have spooked the guy and probably gotten shot."

She says it's very scary -- considering what happened to Sam Wilson back in June -- shot to death outside his West Mobile home after walking up on a car burglary in progress.

After posting on social media she learned a neighbor also had infrared video of the same guy around 5 a.m. a street over.

"If it's not on the news or you are not talking every day with your neighbors... They don't really know what is going on 5 or 6 houses down," said homeowner.

Still shaken by the whole ordeal, she wants everyone to be on high alert.

"The alarm sounds now for any movement. We have it on extra sensitive and we are paying attention and just want my neighbors in Southridge to know this guy was there and he could be back. He seems like he knows individuals are home when he is coming through there. He is prepared with a gun. If someone comes out the door on him -- you can only imagine what might happen," said homeowner.

They've filed a report with Mobile Police. If you can help investigators -- give them a call 251-208-7211.

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