MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Porch pirates are nothing new, but residents in one Midtown neighborhood are voicing frustrations after a rash of criminal activity.

The latest incident happened Monday morning around 8 o'clock. Two potted plants on the front porch -- a Mother's Day gift -- gone in seconds.

"When I saw they were missing I went to check the camera and see what happened to them... And in broad daylight she walked up, she came up the sidewalk, walked up, took the plants and kept walking around the corner," explained the victim.

It happened on Old Shell Road -- near North Hallet Street. The homeowner telling us it's not the first time she's been the target of thieves.

"One year I had Christmas decorations stolen... Of course football season, you want to display your team -- I had

a wreath stolen off my front door just before Iron Bowl. I just don't decorate outside anymore. You throw the curb appeal out the window just because you don't want your stuff taken," said victim.

"Been broken into once, had my car window busted out once. I had power tools stolen. It's kind of a known thing -- boxes stolen off the front porch," said Reese Dismukes, Midtown resident.

In addition to these Neighborhood Watch signs -- they're posting surveillance video on social media and their neighborhood app. A video posted Monday -- shows a man taking a package off a front porch. And there's plenty more: a stolen bike, potted plants missing, and surveillance of suspects "door checking" for unlocked vehicles.

"It's ridiculous, but that's unfortunately the reality we live in these days. People are getting real tired of it. I know the police are backed up. I've talked to the detective on multiple occasions -- they try to get to it all but eventually people are going to have to take some responsibility," said Dismukes.

While they ultimately want to identify the suspects, they'll also keep sharing to make their neighbors aware -- and to let everyone know they're watching.

"We of course don't want to take matters into our own hands... And this why we contact police or reporting on the news and hoping someone recognizes them. But what do you do besides not put it out for them to take it," said victim. 

If you recognize any of the suspects featured -- call Mobile Police 251-208-7211.

Meanwhile -- in terms of deliveries -- there are things you can do to avoid becoming a victiim. If you can, have packages delivered to your house when you know someone will be home or at work, where someone can accept them.

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