MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)- As construction and utility work continues around Mobile, some business owners are having to make adjustments to their business plans. Rachel Aune owns Buddy’s Pet Stop on Dauphin Street and says the work has kept customers away.

“It smells like raw sewage," said Aune. "The driveway is completely ripped up. The hole looks like my store is kind of closed because there’s a bunch of construction tape all around.”

Aune signed her lease in July and was told the drainage work would be finished soon. However, months later, the construction tape and the hole in the ground are still there.

“My first few weeks of opening a lot of people were walking in like are you closed," said Aune. "Even now on Facebook and Yelp I still get messages asking are you closed for construction?”

Businesses on Broad street are facing challenges as well. Harper Technologies says the construction has slowed down their deliveries.

“We get daily deliveries multiple times a day so they have severely delayed our shipments," said Harper.

Items such as laptops and security cameras are in high demand due to the pandemic. Cecily Harper says it’s taken longer to get these items to their customers while the streets around their business are closed.

“The delivery part has been the most stressful part of this whole procedure just because the drivers have to figure out how to get here," said Harper.

Business owners hope the work is finished soon.

“I’m ready for it to get done so I can offer curbside pick up and people can know I’m actually open," said Aune.

“We see that there is some progress going on so we’re hoping by early wintertime things will start to open back up," said Harper.


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