In this segment of “Ask a COVID-19 Question,” we refer back to what Doctor Rendi Murphree answered in Monday afternoon’s Mobile County Health Department briefing.

Dr. Murphree was asked this question: “What is the protocol if a restaurant worker tests positive for covid-19?”

Dr. Murphree said the protocol is the same, regardless if it is a restaurant or, any other business in Mobile County.   She said the health department would reach out to that individual, ask them about their health, symptoms and where they’ve been during their infectious period.   In addition, Dr. Murphree said the Health Department would identify those employees who’ve been six feet from the infected worker.   After that, Dr. Murphree said health officials would then offer advice on symptoms, on staying home as well as information on seeking additional health care should complications arise.   Dr. Murphree also said that, their investigation could mean getting information from the business owner.

“Sometimes we talk to the business owner if we are not able to get good information from the employee,” said Dr. Murphree.  “Sometimes, we will call the business owner who might be able to, for example, look at their video cameras and tell if the case has close contact with any other co-worker, and that sort of thing.”

Dr. Murphree also said the Mobile County Health Department is not authorized to release any information to the public, unless, quote – “there is an overwhelming need”, and she says, so far, they’ve not had that happen.

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