One Mobile school is the first of several turning to technology to help in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Faith Academy decided to install the patented ionization system before their students return to school.

The technology has been around for a while. It effectively kills odor in the air and other dirty air particles. According to Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) who sells the product, studies now have shown that it’s effective in killing the COVID-19 virus.

“We saw GPS come on the market and they’ve been around for a lot of years, but they were the first people to have certified tests to go 99.4 percent of killing it…the COVID virus,” said Larry Ezell with Air Specialty, a Mobile-area HVAC contractor.

GPS of Savannah, Georgia is an industry leader in what’s called Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) and Mingledorff’s in Loxley is the area’s only distributor. Originally developed to battle odor, mold spores and other airborne nemesis, it has proven effective on significantly knocking down the spread of pathogens…literally. The way the system works is fairly simple. As dirty air passes through the blower unit of an HVAC system, positive and negative ions are released, weighing the molecules down until they fall.

“These molecules will basically go out and attack what’s in the air…basically what’s in the air and if it’s got a string of virus, some kind of problem with that particular sample of air, basically it will attack it,” Ezell explained.

Faith Academy is the first of several Mobile area schools to install the system. Air Specialty of Mobile is doing the installation and Ezell said demand for this system is spreading quickly. School principal, Barry Pickering said this should give parents and teachers an added level of confidence going into the school year.

“We were looking for something to keep our kids safe…something that would make it to where the students could come to school, feel comfortable that they were not going to catch anything,” Pickering said. “We’re going to do other things to make sure that we are able to protect them, but we felt like this was going to give us an extra layer of protection for our students.”

In less than a month, the halls at Faith Academy will be filled with children…many more students that what Faith officials initially thought and that’s thanks to growing confidence after putting in the NPBI system. The bottom line for them is making sure the students and the teachers are as safe as possible.

The system can be added to new or existing AC systems. Residential units can be installed for less than a thousand dollar and is only available through a licensed HVAC contractor.

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