Amended Safer at Home

Amended Safer at Home Order

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WALA) -- Gov. Kay Ivey has amended Alabama's "Safer at Home" order to allow more businesses and facilities to reopen on Friday, May 22 at 5 p.m.

"It's time that we move forward and further open our state and live with a new normal of incorporating COVID-19 precautions into our routine," Gov. Ivey said.

Entertainment venues such as arcades, movie theaters, and bowling alleys will be allowed to open with social distancing and sanitation guidelines.

Educational institutions, daycare facilities, and summer camps may also reopen if they follow the guidelines.

Youth sports and athletic activities in the state can start on May 22, but leaders said competitions or games that will bring crowds together should not start until after June 14.

State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris stressed that people practice social distancing and hygiene rules.

"Reopening Alabama really only works if we all cooperate. We are moving to reopen these things but it has to be done safely. This is still a safer at home order. We really need people when they are going out to businesses and going out in crowds to remember face coverings," Dr. Harris said. "All of these things we have been talking about for weeks and weeks now about hand washing and so on are still vitally important."

The health officer said taking social distancing seriously is important now more than ever as the economy reopens in Alabama.

"We don't yet have a cure or a treatment for this disease, but the best thing we have is for each of us to watch out own behavior to make sure we are protecting ourselves and others."


Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend, more venues are opening up Alabama.

Governor Kay Ivey announced her amended "Safer at Home' order Thursday, which loosens more restrictions.

The governor announced the openings can happen Friday, May 22, at 5pm.

They include:

---Entertainment venues, like theaters and performing arts venues, and they are subject to capacity limits, social distancing and sanitation rules

---Athletic activities, but only for practices and conditioning drills for youth sports, no direct competition until June 15th

---Schools can re-open June 1st.

---Child day care facilities can remain open, not adding a maximum limit

---Summer camps remain open

Ivey said, "There are many viruses that we live with and work necessary precautions into our daily lives, and similarly, it is now time that we move forward and further open our state and live with the new normal of incorporating COVID-19 precuations into our routine."

The governor emphasized personal responsibility and said that we have to live with the new normal and incorporate precautions.

Ivey also said she's learning how to adjust.

She said, "I'm going to do our first drive by birthday party this afternoon. We can all do our part. However, we start going in the wrong direction then we reserve the right to come back in and begin to reverse course."

The governor also said we cannot re-open nursing homes and hospitals to visitation beyond compassionate care.

This order remains in effect until July 3rd at 5 pm.

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