Gov. Kay Ivey is urging Alabama Small Business Owners to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by taking steps to ensure their business will withstand the troubling economy.

The following information is from a news release provided by the governor's office.

Final guidelines for how the federal government will distribute financial relief to Alabama’s small businesses will be released very soon. In the meantime, the governor's office advises, small business owners need to contact their local banker, accountant, financial advisor or credit union to get the latest details about who is eligible, what documents are needed and how best to apply for funding relief in matters related to the coronavirus outbreak.

“This coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it, including the critical economic role played by Alabama small businesses,” said Ivey for the news release. “Only a few short weeks ago, our economy was the strongest it had been in the past 100 years due to the hard work and entrepreneurship of Alabama Small Business Owners. We need our businesses up and running and back at full employment as soon as possible. I urge business owners to act today and be prepared to apply for assistance designed specifically to get them in front of the line when relief checks are written.”

The U.S. Treasury Department’s website provides specific information regarding the resources being made available related to Coronavirus relief, including initial guidance. 


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[sad]If the "Governor" cared sooo much about the Great people of this state, why is she not doing what health officials are begging ALL STATES TO DO, ALSO WHAT OVER 2/3 OF THE COUNTRY IS DOING -- AND ISSUE A STAY AT HOME FOR ENTIRE STATE... HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE YOU WILLING TO LET DIE KAY IVEY, BEFORE YOU ACT??? I PRAY YOU DO NOT RUN FOR RE-ELECTION BECAUSE I BELIEVE YOU MAY BE EVIL!!

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