PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA) -- FOX 10 News wanted to know what Republican Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville thought about the report that President Donald Trump downplayed COVID-19. 

Tuberville, along with Congressional candidate Jerry Carl were speaking Wednesday afternoon to local pastors at a Greater Praise Deliverance Temple in Prichard.

FOX 10 News was set to listen on that discussion -- but moments before it began were asked to leave by one of the church pastors. According to the pastor, Tuberville's campaign did not want the media present for the discussion.

While we respected the request -- we did stick around outside for reaction.

Tuberville telling us much of the discussion centered around education -- something he prides himself on having a experience with. The pastors also had COVID concerns.

"Everybody's concerned about it... I'm concerned about it. There's nothing we can do about it right now … except continue social distancing and the things that's important," said Tuberville.

Lee: "Your thoughts on the reports President Trump possibly downplayed COVID-19?"

Tuberville: "I didn't see that."

Lee: "It's all over the news. Any comment?"

Tuberville: "No, I hadn't... I don't watch the news. I'm travelling and campaigning. Thank you."

Also campaigning this week -- Tuberville's opponent -- Democratic Incumbent Senator Doug Jones at a "drive-in rally" in Leeds.

"Folks Alabama is going to look forward. We are going to continue this march forward. We are not going to be looking back. We are not going to let them bring us down. We are moving forward and with your help we are going to do that for at least another six years," said Jones.

Meanwhile, local pastors said they were encouraged by what they heard Wednesday from Tuberville and Carl.

"What we are trying to do is advocate on the behalf of those that don't have a voice," said Pastor Bobby & Tangie Cunningham, Greater Praise Deliverance Temple.

"One of the biggest things they dealt with was education, which was making sure that we are on the same page for educating our kids. Because we have a lot of churches who have private schools, who lost a lot of funding because of the pandemic," said Pastor Arthur Barker.

We also caught up with candidate Jerry Carl -- who's campaigning for Congressman Bradley Byrne's seat. Carl says with the help of the voters he's looking forward to going to Washington.

"I've always had a passion for the VA -- our veterans. Representing our veterans and our farm community, and our business community has been a passion of mine while I've been in office. And I get to take that to a new level. That's without a doubt the most important part for me," said Carl.

Carl faces Democrat James Averhart on the ballot, who describes himself as a patriot -- not a career politician.

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