MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- Over the weekend Mobile Police responded to 10 different places for calls of curfew violations.

All the people there were given verbal warnings, but that could change soon as Mobile City Council is expected to give MPD authority to write tickets for curfew violators.

Chief Lawrence Battiste says officers understand this is a difficult time filled with many changes for everyone.

“As much as people can comply with what the mayor and the governor has asked them to do, we need that to happen during these times,” said Chief Battiste.

Something new for us all is having a curfew, which started Saturday night in Mobile.

Chief Battiste says if you’re seen out walking or driving between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. you can expect an officer to ask you where you’re headed.

He says you’ll need some form of documentation to prove you have a legitimate reason to be out.

“Many businesses have reached out to us and talked about what credentials would look like for their employees if they were out after curfew because they certainly don’t want their employees detained or potentially cited when they’re on their way to work.”

A verbal warning is likely the first time a person violates the curfew.

Officers don’t yet have the power to write tickets for this.

The Mobile city council is expected to give them that authority at their meeting Tuesday.

“If we find ourself in a situation dealing with the same individual over and over again then obviously it will prompt us to be a little more aggressive in what we do, writing a citation and even in some cases maybe even doing a custodial arrest.”

Within the five different precincts scattered across Mobile, Chief Battiste says between 120 and 160 officers patrolling the streets will also be tasked with enforcing the curfew.

Some departments, including Pensacola Police, are requiring officers to wear face masks when out responding to calls.

Chief Battiste says right now he’s letting officers decide for themselves if they feel they need that additional protection.

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