MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- To those who knew her Rachel Martin was bigger than life. 

“She wore a lot of different hats,” said coworker and friend, Carl Reese.

Martin was a big part of Cirrus Systems, a company of just 16 people.

“She was the heartbeat of this floor,” said Cirrus client, Bob Moudy.

“I can just hand her a project and say this is what I need and I would just trust it would happen and it always did, even if it was crazy,” said her boss and friend, Jason Alidor.

Her coworkers say she was much more than an accountant. 

“It’s hard to separate the friendship from the business but the combination is pretty devastating when you lose it.”

“I never thought that being in my 30’s that I would find a friend that was so true, so kind and giving and caring and she proved me wrong,” said friend and coworker, Kerri Ponder. 

Notes on her desk and plans on her calendar make something so unbelievable for the close-knit company even more surreal. 

“Still… truly I expect her to walk through that door any minute you know.”

Her coworkers say they immediately knew something was wrong when Martin, who is always on time for work, wasn’t.

“People just were drawn to her. They were crushed when this happened. They all knew her. They all knew how important she was to the people around her. Not just here at work but everywhere,”

Just three days before the accident Martin gifted her friend, Kerri Ponder, with a bracelet from her grandmother and shared a message with her.

“She told her that as long as she was wearing it that God would be watching over her and keeping her safe.”

Ponder says she’ll cherish that moment forever knowing her friend is still looking out for her. 

A GoFundMe has already raised hundreds of dollars to help Martin’s daughter along with memorial costs.

If you’d like to donate visit this link. 


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