MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- After a long, hot, dry summer enduring plenty of record breakers with more than 100 days spent simmering at or above 90 degrees sweltering times are now behind us with our first big freeze at our doorstep. 

It's a relief for some people like Celeste Ritchason who is looking forward to the cooler air.

"I'm ready for that change. The holidays are coming and I want to be bundled up on my couch and feel like cool and not hot and sweaty and gross," said Ritchason.

Others, like Pat Ryan, coming to Mobile to escape the cold love the weather just how it was Monday.

"I'll tell you what if it got any better I couldn't stand it. I live up north and I'll tell you what I have come here to enjoy exactly what we're seeing. I'm looking down the street it says 73 degrees it feels it. The beer is cold the cigar is good," said Ryan.

Tuesday we'll be greeted by the coldest temperatures we've seen in about two years with highs only reaching the 40's and a freeze warning Tuesday night.

For anyone planning to use a space heater we're reminded how easily a fire could spark

"We can't emphasize enough review the manufacture details on the space heaters, using them properly, placing them in the proper areas in your homes and just keep your family safe," said Steven Millhouse with Mobile Fire Rescue.

If you'll be lighting your fireplace for the first time make sure your chimney is clean.

"There could be tons of debris or things that have gotten into your chimney during the fall months and winter months."

While you keep your family and pets warm local nurseries don't want you to forget those precious plants you worked hard on all summer.

The owner of Zimlich Patio and Garden Center, Donald Zimlich, says they're prepared for all of the calls they'll soon be getting.

They've already taken in all of the plants that people would want to bring inside their homes into a greenhouse that they've covered with plastic.

"A lot of people are growing these fall colored plants these are marigolds and… ornamental peppers. A lot of people are growing basil and different herbs in the fall and these need the most protection because they usually don't see any freeze at all," said Zimlich.

Zimlich has been in the business for 37 years and says 2019 was an odd one.

"It was so hot and so dry for so long. Dry early and then really really hot in the fall."

He says you'll want to bring your plants in Tuesday to protect them from the bone chilling cold.

"Ferns, tropical plants anything like that are the most important. The pansies  if you've got pansies they'll probably be ok."

Zimlich says the worst thing you can do is cover plants with plastic if you plan to leave them outside.

He says a better solution is to use frost cloth or a layer of pine straw to trap heat.

He says the day after the freeze if your plants have some damage you can spray them with soluble fertilizer to bring them back.


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