Daphne Police want to hear from citizens who have home security cameras installed and want to help them fight crime. The department is introducing a brand-new program called Secure Your Neighborhood from Crime – or SYNC.

As home security systems become less expensive, more homeowners are installing them. This is helping police solve crimes that they otherwise might not. The Police Department is building a database of camera locations around the city so that when a crime happens, they know who in that area to call about retrieving camera footage.

Home Security Camera

Secure Your Neighborhood from Crime (SYNC) is a voluntary program connecting police with residents who have home security cameras

“The good information or the good footage may come from a house four streets over. Maybe they’ve got a vehicle driving by during the right time-frame and that gives us somewhere to start,” explained Lt. Brian Gulsby with Daphne Police. “Otherwise, property crimes are about the hardest crimes to solve.”

Police believe the more citizens who participate in the SYNC program, the faster they’ll be able to solve these crimes. It’s easy to participate. You’ll just need to provide your name, address and contact information. Police will not have access to your system and will only review your video after you’ve looked at it and find something that may help.

“We’ve had some pretty good success over the last year or so closing cases by using surveillance footage collected either from the victim or from the victim’s neighbors,” Gulsby said.

It’s a program that other communities are already using, where it’s proven effective in identifying suspects and speeding up investigations. Jeff Calhoun owns a security system and plans to sign up. He hopes others will too.

“I think the more people that do it, the better it’s going to work because, you know if I’m a thief and I know that a neighborhood is participating in something like this and they’re communicating with each other, that’s the last place I’m going to go hit,” Calhoun said.

Police liken SYNC to a modern-day Neighborhood Watch program which is 100 percent voluntary. To sign up, call Daphne Police at 251- 626-0150, email them at sync@daphnepolice.org or register online on the city’s website.

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