DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) -- The man accused of several cases of road rage in Baldwin County will spend the next 30 days in jail after facing a judge Tuesday.

Delwin Knight, 37, pleaded guilty to two counts of reckless endangerment and one count of harassment. The seven other charges of harassment were withdrawn. FOX10 News caught Knight looking over, even smiling at five victims who were in court Tuesday.

After spending a month in jail, Knight be on probation for 24 months, per the judge's sentence. Knight will also have take anger management classes, and go to driving school. 

The judge told Knight if he violates the terms of his probation, he will have to serve that time behind bars. Victims in court told FOX10 News they were pleased with the judge's sentence.

“I kind of got the feeling the judge wasn’t too happy about his behavior and seemed emphatic about enforcing the rest of those cases if he continues this behavior as well," Charles Philipp, who caught an instance of Knight's road rage on camera said. 

Police said they received dozens of complaints about Knight and he was even caught on camera yelling at other drivers on the Eastern Shore.

Most recently, Daphne Police said Knight almost caused a wreck the Monday before Mardi Gras when he passed a car while making obscene gestures at the alleged victim. Turns out, that driver works for the Daphne Police Department.

When he was arrested in February, Knight told his side of the story and admitted he sometimes gets a little angry behind the wheel.

“These folks say I’m harassing them, but it’s just road rage you know. I didn’t get out and I didn’t harass no one. I probably harassed one person out of the whole eight, but they say I’m harassing everyone. I’m not just some crazy maniac, like type of guy you know. I’m a good guy."

“I’m very successful. You see what I’m driving. It’s like these people be judging me and make me do stuff and then react in a way that I’m threatening them, but they bring it to my attention when I act like I act, like flip them off or whatever. They act like it’s a big threat, like I’m threatening them and I haven’t threatened. I haven’t harassed anyone. It’s just road rage,” said Knight.

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