DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WALA)-- Just hours from Hurricane Zeta’s arrival along the northern Gulf Coast Dauphin Island residents are holding out hope that it won’t be that bad, at least not compared to Hurricane Sally which is still fresh on their minds.

“Hopefully we’ll get through this unscathed,” said Sharon Helm-Wyers who lives more inland on the barrier island.

Popular spots across Alabama’s Sunset Capital have already boarded up and are ready to go, not taking any chances with Zeta. 

The Wyers family says planning ahead has been key to navigating this wild hurricane season.

“When the weather is nice we've just been making trips back to town to stock up on more water, stock up on more canned goods, more fuel, gasoline, propane.”

As the storm approaches Sharon Wyers says their only concern is a leaning pine tree in their backyard that they haven’t had the chance to get around to.

“Thankfully when and if it goes it’s going to fall in an area where there's not a house so it’s not a danger at this point so we're just gonna let it do whatever it’s going to do,” said Helm-Wyers.

Mayor Jeff Collier says their biggest concern with Zeta is salt water flooding, mainly in those known trouble spots like the west end which sees a lot of visitors.

While the mayor has not called for an evacuation on that part of the island he says it’s something visitors should consider. 

The mayor encourages everyone who plans to stay on the island when Zeta makes landfall to be aware of their surroundings and stay off the road when the storm hits. 

“We’re asking people to be cautious about is the fact that we’ve got a lot of damage from Sally with trees that are either leaning or broken limbs and things and houses that have not been repaired where you can get some flying debris during the height of the storm,” said Mayor Jeff Collier.


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