MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- As thousands “go dark” on social media in solidarity with the black lives matter movement dozens in Mobile took to the streets on Tuesday to protest the death of George Floyd and voice their hope for change. 

Demonstrators had planned to march from Azalea Rd. to The Shoppes at Bel Air, however chief Lawrence Battiste made sure to set some ground rules beforehand, shutting down their idea to walk down Airport Blvd, telling the organizer they could go on all night as long as they kept off the busy street.

The mall closed much earlier than usual out of an abundance of caution after protesters planned to march there during rush hour.

Mobile police were scattered along the busy road, even setting up barricades at the mall, not knowing what to expect of the demonstration.

“We’re still here showing that we just want to be treated equally. That’s all that we’ve ever asked for and it takes so many things, a man getting killed, his neck getting stepped on for 8 minutes 46 seconds. Do you know how long that is?” said Jhalana Jones. 

“This is clearly a sea change type moment where an awakening is happening,” said one man.

Respecting the chief’s order, the group confined their march to a parking lot.

Although this demonstration was only a fraction of the hundreds who marched through downtown on Sunday, organizer, Dantjuan Miller, says their voices are their strongest power regardless of their size. 

 “I don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of people to make our voices be heard we can be as one and shout and scream to the heavens to make sure it’s heard,” said Miller.

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