Dog walks into local elementary school bleeding with leg bone exposed


Two dogs In Mobile are recovering from severe injuries after being found on a school campus bleeding on Thursday. We want to warn you some of the images you're about to see are disturbing. The dog had skin tissue hanging from its leg leaving the bone exposed.

That dog's name is Zena. Doctors at Parkway Animal Hospital are working hard to save her leg. She's not the only one, another dog named Penny is suffering with severe burns from a porch fire in Moss Point.Two dogs with two different stories. As peaceful and happy as they seem, you'd never know what the past few days have been like for them.

"Having burns or a leg kind of split open and everything," said Dr. David Martin, Veterinarian and owner of Parkway Animal Hospital.

Penny is one victim.

"She was actually in a house fire," said Stevie Lewis with Wags and Whiskers.

Lewis says Penny was left on a porch that caught on fire.

"She's got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on I'd say probably about 20-25% of her body," added Dr. Martin.

Zena is the other dog.

"Her leg was completely split open she has a lot of wounds all over her," Lewis explained.

Lewis says Zena was found after she walked into Meadowlake Elementary bleeding from her leg. It's not clear what happened to her nor who she belongs to. Although she's walking on her injured leg now, that could change.

"We still don't know if we're going to save this leg," said Lewis.

"If I had a leg injury like Zena does, I'd be out for weeks and here she is using this leg. She doesn't feel sorry for herself, she just presses on," added Dr. Martin.

Dr. Martin Says there's a very lengthy and costly road ahead for both dogs. If you'd like to donate you can call Parkway Animal Hospital at (251) 479-1133.You can also volunteer to be a foster or adopt a dog through Wags and Whiskers. For more information, go to their Facebook page. Click here to be redirected.

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