UPDATE: The plane is owned by the Lafayette, LA law firm of L. Clayton Burgess PLC. This according to the Federal Aviation Administration's website. Burgess is a personal injury attorney. It's unclear if he was flying the plane at the time of the crash.

The FAA issued this statement: "A Piper PA-34 aircraft made a forced landing in a field about 1 mile north of the Gulf Shores toll bridge at about 9 am CDT yesterday. Five people were on board, local authorities will release their names and conditions. The FAA will investigate and determine if the event was an incident or accident, depending on the extent of damage to the aircraft."


A small plane crashed east of the Foley Beach Express in Baldwin County Saturday morning.

No one was killed or seriously hurt, officials said.

David Walter is a pilot. He flew over the wreckage after hearing someone over the radio say they were going down.

"When I first saw the wreckage I thought 'Oh gosh nobody survived that'. So we flew over and we saw the crash out in the woods and we heard that there was no injuries," Walter said.

According to officials, Orange Beach police and fire departments responded to reports of a crashed plane at about 9:22 a.m. The crash site was located in a wooded area north of The Wharf and east of the Foley Beach Express.

Orange Beach Asst. Police Chief Steve Brown said, "They were flying from Louisiana for a golf outing and were either going to land or in the process of at Jack Edwards and had to get back up in the air and then they wound up losing all or part of their power and they went down in the woods."

The pilot and passengers from the plane were found walking in the woods near the crash site, with no apparent injuries except for some minor scrapes and bruises, reports the Orange Beach Police Department.

Federal authorities are investigating the cause of the crash.

"The FAA is currently handling this crash, and I will defer any comments as to the cause of the crash to them," Brown said.

Aerial video footage shot by Walter shows wreckage of the airplane in a wooded area.

Walter said everyone is alive because the pilot did his job, "If you're going to crash into a wooded area, the best thing you can do is a pick out two trees and go between them and as those trees shear off the wings it slows the plane down but it doesn't damage the cabin and that looks like what he did. I saw maybe four trees that were sheared off and then the wings and the tail or scattered all over but the cabin area was all intact. It looks like he did exactly what you're supposed to do and he did a good job of it."

FOX10 News also has published a slideshow of crash site photography by Orange Beach PD's Brown, showing wreckage strewn through the woods and hanging from trees. Some trees have been stripped of bark and limbs, but the fuselage of the airplane appears intact in the photos. Other parts of the aircraft appear to be sheared off.

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