FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) - A dog sleeps in the friendly confines of a foster home backyard Thursday night after being rescued from an abandoned home in Daphne. 

The male dog, which doctors say is less than a year old, appeared to be starving, along with two other dogs, when he was picked up by Fairhope resident Bob Young from the abandoned property. 

Fairhope man finds starving dogs, rescue attempt ensues

Two starving dogs, who are still on the loose, eating at an abandoned property in Daphne. 

“I just couldn’t leave there knowing that every night they’re gonna starve until they die," Young said. 

Young captured pictures and shared them on Facebook of two other dogs on the property in worse condition. He has been going by and feeding them but says he was unable to capture them and enlisted Baldwin County Animal Control with that task. As for the young dog he could capture, he was taken to Baldwin Animal Clinic in Summerdale. When Young asked for help on Facebook, hundreds of dollars were raised within an hour to get the dog vaccines and a medical check-up. Now the dog is staying with a foster until Young can find the pup a permanent home. 

“The response was overwhelming," Young said. "My phone has been going non-stop."

There is leftover money being held at the Baldwin Animal Clinic for continued check-ups and treatment once the rescued dog is taken in permanently. Young is desperately hoping the other two dogs are captured as well and some of the money can go toward saving them too. 

Fairhope man finds starving dogs; rescue attempt ensues

One of the rescued dogs hiding the backyard of his foster home. 

Young's friend, Betsy O'Bryan whose helped Young with the rescue, spoke to FOX10 about an underlying problem in Baldwin County - overcrowded animal shelters. 

“We could do this everyday all day and we wouldn’t have any places to bring the dogs," O'Bryan said. 

She says overall it is a victory to see so many people in Baldwin County come together to help, but there is a lot of work to be done. 

“It’s a double edged sword to know people would allow these dogs to suffer but then to see the love and the resources being poured in to help this one and more to come in the future has been heartwarming it really has restored faith in humanity," O'Bryan said. 

If you would like to call in a donation for these three dogs to the Baldwin Animal Clinic the account number is 22651 under the name Betsy O'Bryan. 

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