FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) -- If you've attended one lately, you know there's never a dull moment at a Fairhope City Council meeting.

Here's the latest exchange Monday night:

Mayor Karin Wilson: "If you are getting ready to purchase $2.6-million -- this definitely needs to be addressed."

Jack Burrell/Fairhope City Council President: "You attacked the City Council for hour and a half last meeting, you attacked us for 30 minutes tonight."

The latest fireworks -- over compensation for elected officials (all Fairhope elected officials and their family members get free healthcare) and the purchase 114 acres (at County Roads 13 and 32) for expanded recreation use. Two items Mayor Karin Wilson believes lacks transparency.

"This is about a $15,700 a year benefit. Because there is no premium, it's for your whole family. There's hardly any deductible. I'm telling you right now it's a very sweet deal. Abs these are taxpayers that are paying it. And it's a benefit that nobody knew what the amount was," said Mayor Wilson. "The parkland was also over appraised and did not include a funding plan, community engagement, or strategic planning."

Despite the fiery debate, the council had the votes to pass both items.

"She didn't get her way so she attacks the council, which is pretty par for the course," said Burrell.

The back and forth between the mayor and the council is nothing new.

"In the next year you are going to read and hear, and are going to be told a lot of nasty things that unfortunately aren't going to be true. I can promise you this -- you won't hear any of that from me. Not a negative post, not a negative comment -- because I've learned there is no productivity in that," said Councilman Jay Robinson.

Mayor Wilson says her latest rant -- not political -- just pointing out what's not right.

"I don't know what is politically motivated. I have never cared about my salary as mayor. And I said in the beginning of the term -- the next term you are going to probably need to pay a higher salary to attract good people to run... I don't think there is that many people that would run for $32,000 a year," explained Mayor Wilson.

The Council did approve an increase the mayor's salary for next term to $85,000. Last term the mayor's salary was $90,000, which included $60,000 for Superintendent of Utilities. -- "I said I didn't want to take that salary because I felt like it was double-dipping as far as I was concerned," said Mayor Wilson.

Even the election isn't until 2020 -- it's still unclear whose name will be on the ballot.

Lee: "Do you plan to run? -- Mayor Wilson: We will see. I mean it is nauseating right now."

Lee: "What are your plans next election cycle? Jack Burrell: I have not decided what I'm going to run for. More than likely I will run for council. I get asked to run for mayor a lot. I probably will not run for mayor, but I still reserve the right to change my mind."

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