Faith Academy softball leans on hard work and team work heading to the State tournament


Faith Academy softball is going to the State Tournament for the fourth time in eight years.

An achievement that comes from hard work.

"We also have so many players that work after hours. When they leave here they are constantly working so besides the love for each other I think it’s the love for the game,” said Rae Lynn Dennis, Faith Academy Head Softball Coach.

It's not just their dedication that makes them stand out.

"This team is very special because the way they love each other on the field and off the field. They take care of each other while they are playing but they also take care of each other when they are not playing,” said Coach Dennis.

"No matter the age, height, how big you are, it doesn't matter. When one of us fall, another one gets picked back up and that's what I really love about this team,” said Lacey Fincher, Faith Academy Senior.

The Lady Rams hope that love for each other along with hard work will get them to their next goal, a State Championship.

"We would love to win it that is our goal but we have to take it one game at a time. We can't look past that first game we need to go in it with everything we got in that first game and just take it one game at a time, one out at a time, and one pitch at a time,” said Coach Dennis.

"My goal is to get to that championship game and keep playing hard and playing at the best level. I don’t want to stop my season with them until we get the blue map,” said Fincher.


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