Family recovers after Sally fills home with three feet of water

Family recovers after Sally fills home with three feet of water

For the Weaver’s, Bon Secour River has always been right in their backyard.

As Hurricane Sally began to make landfall in South Baldwin County, that same river soon took over their entire neighborhood off County Road 12 in Foley.

“My wife and daughter were on the couch. They were riding the storm out. They woke me up at three. Somebody got up to go to the bathroom, said there’s water in the floor. We noticed water coming from the back door. Then, by 3:45 it was up to our waist," said Chris Weaver, who was home along with his family as the storm hit.

Being several miles inland, they had decided to weather the storm from home.

It didn’t take long before they realized they were trapped.

“I looked out the front window, the cul-de-sac was full of water, and we’re up higher than the cul-de-sac. I said we can’t leave now, there’s no way we can leave," said Weaver.

Luckily, the Cajun Navy stepped in to help, rescuing them as well as many of their neighbors once the storm passed.

The Weaver’s are just one of many who lost everything to Hurricane Sally’s historic flooding.

Even as they work around the clock to salvage what they can, they remain in good spirits, thanks to friends taking them in and helping them clean up what used to be a home.

“We lost everything, pretty much, but we’re good, we can get all that back, that’s nothing. Yeah, that’s nothing," said Weaver.

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