"It was punishment," Mobile city employee opens up about "the box" and turmoil at public works

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City of Mobile spokesperson Laura Byrne explained why the city decided to sign a settlement agreement with Tyrone Holley, writing in a statement, "This was the best outcome for the City. The appeal process would have continued well past Holley’s retirement date and would be very costly for the City."



It's a follow up to a FOX10 News Investigation in March, uncovering concerns with time cards at the Municipal Garage.

Back in March, Mobile City Garage employee Tyrone Holley was fired after a city spokesperson said he was "found guilty of lying" during an investigation into accusations that he had allegedly falsified his time cards for years.

Now, the city is reversing that termination decision, and officials are not giving a reason why.

However, sources said city investigators couldn't gather enough solid evidence to prove any wrongdoing.

City officials did give FOX10 News Investigates a copy of Holley's settlement agreement with the city.

It shows Holley will be forced to retire in December.

It also says Holley will be paid for the time he was fired, and will continued to be paid until he retires, but he will "not be required to report to the job site for work."

Sources told FOX10 News Investigates allegations against Holley were first reported to the city last summer, saying he was allegedly working a second job at the port of Mobile when he was clocked in as working at the garage.

"It was kind of a joke that Tyrone was a master of being in two places at once, and we all wish we could figure out his secret," one of Holley's former co-workers, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked to FOX10 News Investigates in March.

In fact, FOX10 News Investigates found about 113 documented hours overlapped over a two-year period, where Holley's city time cards were stamped saying he was at work, but time cards at his other job said he was docking ships instead.

When FOX10 News Investigates interviewed Holley in March, he insisted the allegations were false.

"I don't have to be at the job, all I got to do is set it up, I don't have to physically be there," Holley explained about his second job at the docks, elaborating that sometimes he would get paid for setting up a docks job via cell phone, but would never have to actually show up in person.

Tuesday, June 26, Holley's attorney declined an interview, but said, "when you look at the evidence presented, it doesn't stack up that Mr. Holley did anything wrong."

City attorneys have declined to comment about exactly why they decided to sign this settlement agreement with Holley, and a city spokesperson did not respond to specific questions about that either.

The settlement document only indicates, "Holley and Mobile wish to resolve and settle all of the issues... relating to Holley's employment."

Meanwhile, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said her office is "still investigating" Holley's case.

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