MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- Our first freeze this fall is right around the corner!

Temperatures are expected to plunge to freezing Monday night 

The first taste of that cold air came through Sunday night following a gloomy gray day along the Gulf Coast with plenty of rain drenching the Port City.

“It’s not my favorite,” said George Washington. 

The moody weather was certainly up for interpretation.

“I like the rain, I named my daughter after the rain so every time it rains it makes me think of her,” said Robin Elmore. 

The pouring rain we saw all day is expected to drag cold air through.

“Waiting for it... anticipating it.”

Temperatures will soon take a plunge after Sunday’s downpour.

“It's normally typical weather around this time of the year so basically I’ve just been kinda like relaxing taking it easy,” said Washington.

The dreary weather will bring us a dry but frigid day Monday with our first big freeze this fall on it’s way.

“I'm a snuggle person so I like snuggle weather but I kinda don’t like it because you know, I don't like to freeze... it be too cold.. I'm from the south and we be too cold in the south,” said John Reed.

Some are looking forward to the deep dive’s arrival in the deep south.

“Really excited about that freeze that we got comin up because we get to break out all the long sleeves and the coats and the jackets and I'm a coat and jacket kinda guy,” said Elmore.

Others, like JuDee Stanford, are less than enthusiastic.

“I hate cold weather… i’m glad my fireplace is getting worked on tomorrow.”

While many will be dusting off their winter clothes some are resorting to alternative heating methods.

“I do some pushups.. it’ll warm me up. You know…. the muscles already there... I just need a couple of more pushups. No jacket.. just pushups? No jacket, just pushups!" 

When you’re heading out of the door on Monday morning make sure to grab a jacket.

Before the freeze hits, make time to bring pets and plants indoors.

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