A former, veteran police officer, and investigator is passing on inspirational words of wisdom from his own soapbox.

Darryl Wilson was the lead investigator in the Lam Luong case.

Luong is the man convicted of throwing his children off the Dauphin Island bridge in 2008. Wilson worked the case for the Bayou La Batre police department. Wilson published a book in November titled, "Up On My Soapbox: A series of inspirational views of life through my eyes".

UP ON MY SOAPBOX: A Series of Inspirational Views of Life Through My Eyes

“In this day and age, everyone has access to the proverbial soapbox—in just a few clicks from our social media accounts, we can make our voices heard. But how do we use our voice? Is it for negativity and selfishness, or do we use our voice for inspiration and hope? What if God was using our voice as a gift?

Up on My Soapbox is one man’s collection of inspirational words of wisdom from his own soapbox.

Although author Darryl C. Wilson Sr. once used his soapbox for his own purposes, he rediscovered his faith and focused his observations back on what matters—his relationship with God. Reaching out to fellow prodigal children returning to God, Darryl shares heartfelt, encouraging, and sometimes humorous anecdotes and observations about the finding God in the everyday.

We never walk alone, and even when it seems like we have forgotten about God, he is always there with us. If you have drifted from God, or if you cannot seem to find him out there in the darkness of the world, then Up on My Soapbox can help you see how God is still there for you with the gift of his unconditional love.”


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