Every Monday on FOX10 News at 4 pm, we're taking you inside the "Fox 10 News Vault". It's an archive of memorable stories from decades past. The University of South Alabama was recently awarded a nearly $500,000 dollar grant to expand it's global studies programs. As we see in this latest throwback - growth and expansion are something the university has aimed for since it's early days. Reporter Cheryll Myers takes you back to the late 70's for this one.

Inside the “FOX10 News Vault”: Late 70's

"There is presently nearly $12 million dollars in overall construction funds tied in expansions at the University of South Alabama. The money has come from several different avenues. Through the Alabama state legislature, state approved bond sales, and from university bond sales. From the office of development and operations, we found out about some of the present programs underway.

We have further changes in our medical sciences building to make it more functional. We have underway the specifications for a new engineering building, which will be constructed in the area of our existing building. We're looking at some $3 million dollars there. Our 400-meter track is being progressed quite rapidly now. We're in hopes of completing the surfacing this year.

One of the more significant additions to the campus is the Toulmin house, initially built back in 1828. It is the oldest recorded home in tact in our area, and will be the site of the school’s first class reunion next month.

It is without a doubt the expansions on this campus as you have seen have only gone to upgrade the educational process. It also shows us that the University of South Alabama is up and on its way to being one of the biggest educational facilities in the SouthEast. This is Cheryll Myers at the University of South Alabama, for Channel 10 News beat."

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