MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Thousands of families in Southwest Louisiana have left their homes again. First it was Hurricane Laura. Now it's a waiting game to see what Hurricane Delta will deal to the storm-ravaged region. Southwest Louisiana.

Among those who have left -- is FOX10's Lee Peck's family.

"We got up Friday around 4:30, had our coffee, then got on the road at 5:30 a.m. and made it to Baton Rouge around 8 a.m.," said Mary Ellen Slaydon, Lee's mother.

This is the second time they've evacuated in the last two weeks to Baton Rouge at Lee's stepbrother's home.

"When we left this morning there was nothing wet -- but I'm sure now the holes in which the trees made -- there's water in there again. And so I don't know what will be damaged," said Mary Ellen.

Hurricane Laura sent two trees into Lee's family home -- leaving the inside exposed, which has since been gutted down to the studs. They're still waiting to get a new roof.

"I feel like if I could get a new roof -- we'd be back on the road. You try to take care of everything you can --- for us we had our house the sheetrock, the insulation, and the flooring removed. We have a blue tarp on it, we hope when we return -- we still have a tarp on it still and it won't be wet in it again... So it's a matter of trying to put your life back together and hopefully it doesn't take until next year," said Mary Ellen.

Lee's stepsister -- Jenny, her mother and stepfather -- also left Lake Charles ahead of Delta.

"There was a lot of debris all around our house and it's very scary when the winds get that strong. We're just glad to be here and safe and everybody is in a safe place right now before the storm hits," said Jenny.

Lee's stepbrother Matt and wife Alex will tell you hosting evacuees does have its perks.

"We've been sort of enjoying it. It's good seeing the family... And to have them over here. I know it's been really rough on them -- but for us we've been getting to enjoy Mary's great cooking! We just had gumbo a while ago, chili, smothered porkchops... Everything," said Matt.

But amidst the tragedy and disaster -- there have been bright moments. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office not only feeding thousands of first responders in the Lake Charles area -- but connecting with Lee's parents and giving them a gift bag to meet basic needs when they needed it most.

"And that just touched my heart ... That they did not know even know us -- but yet because of you 'My Lee' -- they brought us something and that just touched my heart and I am so grateful. Thank you Lori and the Sheriff's Department," said Mary Ellen.

Even as Delta has them feeling they're taking two huge steps back -- they remain positive for better days and one day getting back home.

Lee: "I love you. I miss you. I will see you soon -- and we will get through this Mom."

"Yes we will -- one day at a time," said Mary Ellen.

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