FULTON, ALA. (WALA)- It's a comeback story out of Fulton. In April, the small community in Clarke County experienced flash flooding like they've never seen before. 

Fulton Firefighters risking everything to save others. Their own department taking a hard hit. It flooded on April 14th. 

On Saturday, the town hosted a Fall Festival and fundraiser to build a new department. 

"The people of Fulton are very special. They're all hard-working and work together as a team and that's what makes this such a wonderful community," Fulton native, Terry Foster said. 

When flash flooding hit the tiny town on April 14th, the community acted no differently. 

Fulton's first female firefighter, Laken Luker said, "I learned a lot. We saved a lot of people." 

Luker helped save people from rising water that April night.

Luker's dad, Randy said, "I'm proud of her. She was raised here, her brother was raised in the fire department and I'm proud of them." 

Heading up those rescue efforts was Fulton Fire Chief Danny Bedwell. 

He said, "You can't put it into words what it means to see this. We've got donations from California to South Carolina."

Randall Brown came from Tuscaloosa County to help the place he once called home.

He said, "I'm just tickled to death to see the town bounce back from it. The people here are very resilient. There's no other place in the world like Fulton. These people are the salt of the earth."

The town plans to use the money raised to build a new fire department. 

Bedwell said, "We're fixing to do the dirt work on a new station behind the old bank building up here. It's now the City Hall and we're going to take all of that money computers, desks, training tapes, TVs, all of that was lost and it wasn't covered so we're going to take the donations we get an use it."

Bedwell said they plan to have a grand opening for their new fire department on April 14, 2019 to mark the one-year anniversary of the flooding. 

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