Grand Jury to review case against man accused of shooting Baldwin County deputy


The case against a man accused of shooting a Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputy is headed to a Grand Jury. Forrest Bullin is charged with shooting Corporal Mike Walker during a domestic violence investigation at his home on December 19, 2017.

Testimony from witnesses and investigators during his preliminary hearing Thursday, January 11, 2018 offered new details about the case. Bullin is accused of pushing his girlfriend off a bridge earlier the same night and that’s why deputies had gone to his house. Bullin told investigators he’d been threatened by his girlfriend’s family and he thought they were there to kill him.

Bullin is accused of shooting Deputy Walker in the face and chest last month in front of Bullin’s Tensaw home. Defense attorney, Bucky Thomas argued that Bullin was not aware that the men outside his home were deputies at the time. Bullin told investigators he’d received threatening phone calls and text messages from his girlfriend’s family prior to deputies showing up.

“There’s going to be more evidence come out, but at this point Forrest was of the opinion that there was a verifiable threat coming to him,” Thomas said. “He thought that he acted appropriately and again, evidence will flesh itself out.”

“I believe that’s what they want you to believe,” countered Baldwin County prosecutor, Teresa Heinz. “From our standpoint and from the standpoint of anyone that has any kind of dealings with any kind of domestic violence situation, you have someone that’s been seriously injures in a domestic violence assault and Forrest knows that they’re coming to look for him.”

Heinz argued that Bullin fired the first shot at Deputy Walker as he approached the home at which time Walker returned fire and retreated. She said five minutes passed before Bullin moved to the second floor of his home and fired again, striking Walker.

According to witness testimony, the only record of Bullin calling 911 for assistance was after his second shot. That’s when he found out deputies were already on the scene. The defense’s position is that up to that point, Bullin didn’t know he was shooting at deputies.

“We’re going to find that out because there was obviously testimony about body cameras so we’ll be able to see that, but there was also testimonies that…our testimony that there was no identifying lights on,” Thomas said.

“Do you want to alert someone that is a domestic violence offender that you’re coming and allow them to know that you’re in the vicinity and basically making yourself a target,” Heinz asked?

After the hearing, Baldwin County Sheriff, Hoss Mack gave an update on Corporal Walker’s condition. He said Walker’s still blind in his left eye and has some pellets from the shotgun blast still lodged in his eye socket. He’ll undergo surgery at the end of the month to address that. Walker chose not to be in court for the hearing.

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