MT. VERNON, ALA.(WALA)- FOX10 News is asking questions after a local prep sports academy shuts down.

Gulf Coast Prep Sports Academy in Mt. Vernon abruptly closed this week leaving many wondering why.

Gulf Coast Prep Sports Academy was a post graduate academic and athletic program for students who wanted to earn a college scholarship. FOX10 News Investigates talked to several members of the school's football team who can't believe this happened.

Some members of the team came from Florida, Texas, Tennessee, even Ohio just to get a chance to improve their grades so they could play college football.

Bishop West was on the team.

He said, "I was trying to get another chance basically. A chance I didn't have in high school that's what i came to school to do like that's what I was looking to get out of it."

When a teammate called him saying their season was over, he was shocked.

"One of my friends called me and he was saying that we were kicked out of the school basically..kicked the president came in and he was like we all got to go so that's how we heard about that news," West said.

The academy posted a tweet on its website confirming the remainder of the season was cancelled.

FOX10 News Investigates tried to find out why; so we went to a house where we were told the academy's owner Dan Todd lived.

The person who answered the door didn't have anything to say but Todd's lawyer sent this statement: "Due to financial setbacks, the Gulf Coast Sports Prep Academy is closed at this point in time. The academy's future is uncertain, and all options are on the table."

West is also looking for answers from the schools owner.

West said, "I basically wasted my time and a lot of other players feel the same way."

According to court documents, a civil lawsuit has been filed against Dan Todd. A former coach claims Todd didn't pay him his full salary.

This is a developing story and we'll continue to investigate.

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