MOBILE, Ala.(WALA)-- "It felt like I was in a war zone or something."

This surveillance video shows a group of guys hanging around a red car parked in front of a pump at the Chevron on Sage Avenue. 

Around 9:03 you see the men start running, ducking.

The man seen crawling in the video says the group was helping him jump his motorcycle when they got into an argument with another group not seen in the surveillance footage, that's when things escalated into a gun battle, putting him right in the middle.

"Putting on the jumper cables and checking some fuses and you know,  next thing I know I heard something pop off."

Gas station surveillance shows someone in a red t-shirt shooting back.

"Came rippling right across my… just above us, I couldn't see where, but I felt it."

Gas station manager, Swapneel Rao says it seemed bullets were flying aimlessly, hitting cars, a semi truck cab and even the side of the convenience store. 

"I was up there in the corner and we really were like blind-sided from the whole thing. We just heard bullets."

"I didn't know what to think, I just tried to keep my head down. Everybody's reaction."

The man with the motorcycle running as fast as he could, seeking shelter inside the convenience store. 

The group   taking off in their car… gone by 9:05.

"It was really terrifying for two minutes."

Rao says he felt helpless in those moments, mostly concerned about his coworkers inside the store.

"And I'm really glad no one was hurt. I felt like all of us were lucky today."

The man with the motorcycle believes the group helping him  wasn't trying to start trouble and the man seen firing back was only trying to defend them.


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